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The Alps stretch across the south and east of Switzerland, serviced by three airports in the north and west and a comprehensive road and public transport network.

On the map of the most highly rated resorts above, the size of the marker represents the rating of the resort - the larger the marker the more highly rated the resort. Resorts "off the map" are in neighbouring countries. You can click on a marker to go to the relevant resort page or, in the case of the aircraft, to go to a page with details about getting from the airport to the slopes. The resorts can also be found in the table below (sortable and reversable by clicking on a column head). For an overview of the best resorts go here.


ski and snowboard SwitzerlandResort Summary

ResortSki AreaLanguageAirportPiste(km)Base(m)Top(m)Day TicketSnow'n'RailCar-free
Adelboden-LenkSwiss GermanGeneva2051068236266.00 SFrY
ItalianZurich 301700225045.00 SFrY
ToggenburgSwiss GermanZurich 50900226259.00 SFr
Skiarena Andermatt-SedrunSwiss GermanZurich1201444296357.00 SFrY
FrenchGeneva 581500242055.00 SFr
Val d'HérensFrenchGeneva 472000298039.00 SFr
Arosa-LenzerheideSwiss GermanZurich2251230286584.00 SFrY
Swiss GermanZurich 601750311258.00 SFrY Y
Aletsch ArenaSwiss GermanZurich1041970264760.00 SFrY Y
Swiss GermanZurich 301300190549.00 SFrY Y
RomanshZurich 751100241856.00 SFrY
EngadinSwiss GermanZurich1631750305779.00 SFrY
Chamonix - Mont BlancFrenchGeneva17010353842
Les Portes du SoleilFrenchGeneva6031050225067.00 SFrY
Les Portes du SoleilFrenchGeneva6501000236063.00 SFr
Val d'AnniviersFrenchGeneva 602000300058.00 SFr
Fribourg RegionFrenchGeneva 30890162743.00 SFr
Gstaad Mountain RidesFrenchGeneva 301001165036.00 SFr
Crans-MontanaFrenchGeneva1401500300089.00 SFrY
Davos KlostersSwiss GermanZurich279810284471.00 SFrY
EngadinSwiss GermanZurich 352093297867.00 SFrY
Disentis 3000Swiss GermanZurich 601227283362.00 SFrY
Engelberg-TitlisSwiss GermanZurich 821050302068.00 SFrY
Black ForestGermanBasel 55945149336.00 Euro
Aletsch ArenaSwiss GermanZurich1041845286960.00 SFrY Y
Flims Laax FaleraSwiss GermanZurich2241100301885.00 SFrY
Swiss GermanZurich 651220222263.00 SFrY
Gstaad Mountain RidesFrenchGeneva 281350300064.00 SFr
Swiss GermanGeneva 441619286456.00 SFrY
Val d'AnniviersFrenchGeneva1151572290062.00 SFr
Jungfrau RegionSwiss GermanZurich1601049250065.00 SFrY
Gstaad Mountain RidesSwiss GermanGeneva 581200297165.00 SFr
Hoch-YbrigSwiss GermanZurich 501050183155.00 SFr
Silvretta ArenaGermanZurich2151377287249.00 Euro
Swiss GermanZurich 401279200151.00 SFrY Y
Davos KlostersSwiss GermanZurich279810284471.00 SFrY
Adelboden-LenkSwiss GermanGeneva1821068236266.00 SFrY
Arosa-LenzerheideSwiss GermanZurich2251230286584.00 SFrY
Les Portes du SoleilFrenchGeneva6501670246663.00 SFrY
Villars - Les DiableretsFrenchGeneva 841200300056.00 SFr
Pays de St BernardFrenchGeneva 281100220044.00 SFr
Swiss GermanGeneva 551411261055.00 SFr
LeysinFrenchGeneva1001350220555.00 SFr
LauchernalpSwiss GermanZurich 551968311157.00 SFrY Y
Swiss GermanZurich 231300200049.00 SFr
Meiringen - HaslibergSwiss GermanZurich 601061243359.00 SFrY
Swiss GermanZurich 361080225550.00 SFrY
Fribourg RegionFrenchGeneva 301100200235.00 SFr Y
Jungfrau RegionSwiss GermanZurich 541650297165.00 SFrY Y
4 ValléesFrenchGeneva4121350333059.00 SFrY
Swiss GermanZurich1201201231059.00 SFr
PizolSwiss GermanZurich 431045225054.00 SFrY
EngadinSwiss GermanZurich  92093297879.00 SFrY
Aletsch ArenaSwiss GermanZurich1041950233560.00 SFrY Y
Gstaad Mountain RidesFrenchGeneva 62992228463.00 SFr
Gstaad Mountain RidesSwiss GermanGeneva 851269198565.00 SFr
SaastalSwiss GermanGeneva1001483360073.00 SFr Y
Val d'AnniviersFrenchGeneva 601650300058.00 SFr
Silvretta ArenaSwiss GermanZurich2391700287262.50 SFr
RomanshZurich 801200271357.00 SFr
Gstaad Mountain RidesSwiss GermanGeneva1101240198565.00 SFr
RomanshZurich 701250278357.00 SFrY
Skiarena Andermatt-SedrunRomanshZurich12015002350 Y
EngadinSwiss GermanZurich1201750330379.00 SFrY
4 ValléesFrenchGeneva4121350333071.00 SFrY
SörenbergSwiss GermanZurich 531166235052.00 SFrY
Swiss GermanZurich 301460221551.00 SFr
ArlbergGermanZurich3401304281153.00 Euro
EngadinSwiss GermanZurich1631750330379.00 SFrY
Swiss Knife ValleySwiss GermanZurich 351300193552.00 SFrY Y
4 ValléesFrenchGeneva4121350333062.00 SFrY
ToggenburgSwiss GermanZurich 60900226259.00 SFr
4 ValléesFrenchGeneva4121500333067.00 SFrY
4 ValléesFrenchGeneva4121350333059.00 SFrY
Villars - Les DiableretsFrenchGeneva 841300300056.00 SFr
Jungfrau RegionSwiss GermanZurich1621274232066.00 SFrY Y
ToggenburgSwiss GermanZurich 60900226259.00 SFr
Matterhorn Ski ParadiseSwiss GermanGeneva3601620389992.00 SFr Y
Val d'AnniviersFrenchGeneva1151670300062.00 SFr
Gstaad Mountain RidesSwiss GermanGeneva 85950200865.00 SFrY