About This Site

You might like to know a little more about this site. I am also interested to know what you think about it too, so please do feel free to get in touch with any corrections and suggestions.

I have been a skier for a long time, and when I moved to Switzerland in 2007 I was overjoyed at the opportunity to have so much wonderful skiing so close. During the winter months I visited a ski resort around once a week - and we also had a good number of weekend breaks and winter holidays as a family with our toddlers and teenagers.

As a keen technologist and photographer as well as skier, it wasn't long before I thought about putting my experiences on the web. Initially I hoped to do a wiki or something collaborative, but didn't get much interest. Then I settled on a blog (still running - follow the link below), and when the information I had amassed was sufficiently broad, I set up this web site.

Nic Oatridge

The title of the web site is important. I am not trying to make a site just for skiers. I have also snowboarded, done nordic skiing, tobogganed, walked, skated and generally made the most of all the winter activities available. Switzerland is probably the best country in the world to cater for winter tourists, and certainly the experience does not begin and end with skiing. The site also does not begin and end with Switzerland, and I include resorts which are easy to get to from Switzerland too, but lie outside the nation's borders.

The site is designed to be easy to use, and to provide a good experience whether you use a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the content. I have original content but also pull data in from other sources to try to provide a portal of the information you need to make the most of winter sports in Switzerland.

I have resisted the temptation to include too much information on the site or to make the navigation unwieldy. There is indeed a lot of content on the site not available via the navigation tools, and some that is, but is not easy to find simply because it clutters up the site for the 95% of people who want to get to information on the resorts quickly and easily.

I am also not trying to compete with the English-language sites that give perfectly adequate information on the big resorts. What I have focused on is how to get to resorts from within Switzerland and to provide what is probably the only English-language guides to some of the medium-sized or noteworthy small resorts. I am particularly keen to help people who might want to put together their own itinerary rather than buy a package - and Switzerland is probably the best of the Alpine nations for this.

You may notice that at this time there is relatively little advertising on the site. I am not opposed in principle to the idea of taking advertising, but I do not want to reduce the quality of the experience for visitors to the site, or to surrender the independence of my perspective. That means what advertising there is, is distinct from the editorial content, and hopefully not obtrusive. However please do feel free to click through on any interesting ads and help pay for the running costs of this site! A big sponsorship deal would probably go down well too!