Ski and Snowboard Switzerland from Luzern

Historic Luzern in the heart of the Alps


uzern (Lucerne) is as good a starting point for a winter sports holiday as anywhere in the world. If you are living in the city as an expat you are sure to want to try out the outstanding ski and snowboard destinations that lie so close by during your assignment. And if you are here on business it really could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to to visit the nearby slopes. As a lively town with a rich cultural heritage, dominated by the view of the mountains across the lake, Luzern also makes an outstanding centre for a ski or snowboard holiday.

Luzern lies at the heart of an efficient road network and the public transport is quite simply the best in the world. It makes the getting there, and back, a large part of the enjoyment of a day out in the mountains using public transport. There is no stress, indeed the trip out there is therapeutic and the journey back is a great opportunity to enjoy some apres ski wine or beers as a most amazing backdrop passes by. Incidentally for one, two and six day outings, Swiss Rail runs the outstanding Snow'n'Rail scheme with significant discounts on both public transport and lift passes.

I won't go too much into the ins and outs of travelling within Switzerland - this is covered at the individual resort pages in detail. However I will include here a selection of journey times - sort them by clicking on the relevant column heads. Luzern is about an hour by public transport or car from Basel and Zurich, both of which have excellent international airports.

Resort Region Language Locality Bottom m Top m Piste km Fam­ily Day Price Snow'n'­Rail Stat­ion Luzern Car-free Luzern Distance
Adelboden Bernese Oberland Swiss German Bern 1068 2362 210 63 SFr Y 2 hrs 20 mins 1hr 45 mins 114 km
Aletsch Arena Valais Swiss German Valais 1845 2869 104 Y 60 SFr Y Y 2 hrs 39 mins Y 2 hrs 120 km
Engelberg Central Switzerland Swiss German Obwalden 1050 3020 82 Y 65 SFr Y Y 0 hrs 47 mins 36 mins 35 km
Flims Laax Falera Graubünden Swiss German Graubünden 1100 3018 235 Y 76 SFr Y 3 hrs 5 mins 1 hr 50 mins 161 km
Hoch-Ybrig Central Switzerland Swiss German Schwyz 1050 1831 50 53 SFr 1 hr 52 mins 1 hr 10mins 71 km
Lungern Central Switzerland Swiss German Obwalden 1550 2205 24 25 SFr 48 mins 40 mins 37 km
Meiringen Bernese Oberland Swiss German Bern 1061 2433 60 Y 57 SFr Y Y 1 hr 17 mins 50 mins 50 km
Melchsee-Frutt Central Switzerland Swiss German Obwalden 1080 2255 32 50 SFr Y 1 hr 5 mins 35 mins 34 km
Mürren Bernese Oberland Swiss German Bern 1650 2971 54 63 SFr Y Y 2 hrs 30 mins Y 1 hr 10 mins 80 km
St Moritz Graubünden Swiss German Graubünden 1750 3303 350 Y 75 SFr Y Y 4 hrs 28 mins 2 hrs 50 mins 227 km
Zermatt Valais Swiss German Valais 1620 3899 350 92 SFr Y Y 5 hrs 16 mins Y 3 hrs 10 mins 182 km